Thetystrombus latus (= Strombus bubonius) is a marine gastropod.
The shell is generally robust, with a bi-conical shape. The last whorl is very developed, with an elongated aperture and the anterior siphonal canal easily identifiable. The outer lip is thin. It shows spines and nodules on the surface.
T. latus is one of the most iconic mollusk of the so-called Senegalese fauna, that entered the Mediterranean Sea during the marine isotope stage 5 (Tyrrhenian stage, Upper Pleistocene).
This samples was collected from the Tyrrhenian marine terrace of Capo Rizzuto (Crotone, Italy) and it is embedded in a bio-calcarenite.

Phylum Mollusca, Classis Gastropoda, Order Littorinomorpha, Family Strombidae, Genus Thetystrombus, Species Thetystrombus latus.

Credits: 3D model and description provided by Daniela Basso and Valentina Bracchi.