The model has an areal extent of about 150x150m and a height of about 50 m; its location is near the þórufoss waterfall, in SW Iceland. The outcrop is made of a succession of meters-thick lava deposits. On one side of the river, where the rock cliff is marked by the presence of a small waterfall, it is possible to observe the clear titling of the lavas, forming a monocline. When looking at the opposite side of the river, it is possible to notice that the lava succession is horizontal, as can be observed on both rock cliffs, oriented at about 90° from each other. The occurrence of two different attitudes, one tilted and the other horizontal, within the same rock succession, suggests the possible role played by a fault, vey likely coincidend with the river bed.

Credits: UAV-based survey and 3D model by Fabio Marchese; funding is from MIUR project ACPR15T4_00098 ( Model description by Alessandro Tibaldi and Federico Pasquaré Mariotto.