The 26 December 2018, Mw 4.9 earthquake represents the strongest event that occurred at Mt. Etna (Sicily, Italy) in the last 70 years; it produced heavy damage and impressive surface faulting along the Fiandaca Fault, a structure of the Timpe tectonic system on the volcano’s eastern flank. The EMERGEO WG of INGV promptly carried out a field survey to map the coseismic features: ca. 874 points of measurement describe the geometry, kinematics and offset of the ruptures. Overall, earthquake faulting extends for 7.5 km along strike and is characterized by dextral, oblique-slip displacements, with a net-slip up to 33 cm. Evidence of multi-fault ruptures, or triggered faulting, is observed along a splay-fault branching out southwards from Fiandaca Fault (EMERGEO WG 2019a,b and references therein). The UAV Team of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Osservatorio Etneo, gave his support during fieldwork; in particular, four target-areas were surveyed by means of a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, operating in automatic mode with a fly altitude ranging between 30 and 60 m above the take-off point. Images were acquired by a 20 Mpx camera and then elaborated by Structure-from-Motion techniques to create Orthophotos and DEMs (Digital Elevation Model), with an average resolution of 1 cm/px.
The following 3D model shows one of the four overflown areas, located 300 m westward of Pennisi village, the survey was realized overflying the fracture at about 30 m of altitude the day after the earthquake (approximate geographical location coordinate: 37 38 47.6; 15 7 20.66 in WGS 84). The deformation zone is expressed by a 50 cm open fractures.

Credits: UAV-based survey provided by the UAV– Team (INGV-OE) Massimo Cantarero, Emanuela De Beni, funding from DPC All. A. Model description by Emanuela De Beni.


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